Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing


In 2013, West Penn Rural Fair Housing, through a Fair Housing Education and Outreach Grant from HUD prepared two comprehensive reports on the affirmatively furthering fair housing efforts undertaken across our 24 county coverage area.

Non-Entitlement Jurisdictions

The program produced a report examining the relevant planning documents produced by the 21 non-entitlement counties in our 24 county coverage area.  This report focused on the county’s Comprehensive Plan as well as identified action steps and activities as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development.

Read the report here

Entitlement Jurisdictions

The second report reviewed and analyzed the Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (“AI”) of the nine entitlement jurisdictions located in our coverage area.  The report consisted of three sections; the first section provided summaries of the nine entitlement jurisdictions.  The second section of the report analyzed the nine AIs and the identified impediments against nine, HUD identified, Core Issues addressing Fair Housing.  The final section of the report discussed the strengths and weaknesses of each AI against the nine Core Issues as well as the HUD suggested format.  Additionally, this section contained our recommendations for future planning.

Read the report here

Latest Activities

In 2014, we received a HUD/PHRC Partnership Grant to replicate the work previously performed in the AI report, with an examination of the 10 entitlement jurisdictions located in Central Pennsylvania.  These jurisdictions were the Borough of Carlisle, Cumberland County, Dauphin County, the City of Harrisburg, Lancaster County, the City of Lancaster, the City of Lebanon, the City of Williamsport, York County, and the City of York.

Read the report here

If you believe that you may have been discriminated against, please click here to Report Housing Discrimination.

  • Entitlement jurisdictions are required to conduct an analysis to identify impediments to fair housing choice?
  • Entitlement jurisdictions must take appropriate actions to overcome the effects of any impediments?
  • Entitlement jurisdictions must maintain records reflecting the analysis and actions taken?