Education and Outreach

Education and Outreach

Believing that education is at the heart of ending housing discrimination, the Fair Housing Law Center set out in 2007 to develop a comprehensive outreach program to educate those affected by housing discrimination.  The education and outreach program continues to raise awareness of fair housing rights for advocates, housing providers, attorneys, state and local representatives, and most importantly, the people in protected classes most often facing discrimination.  In 2016, the Fair Housing Law Center will be expanding its education and outreach efforts to a national audience, focusing primarily on discrimination based on sex and familial status.


Training allows the program to educate audiences on fair housing laws and establish working relationships with agencies and organizations advocating for those in protected classes.  The education and outreach program presents free training sessions for groups and organizations of any size.  Training sessions cover the basics of fair housing and allow for discussion of issues specific to the group.  CLE’s can be given for attorneys.  Webinars are also available.  If you or your organization is interested in training, please fill out the Training Request Form.


The Fair Housing Law Center has developed a wide range of materials covering fair housing issues specific to all protected classes, reasonable accommodations, reasonable modifications, and service animals.  A fair housing claim kit is also available.  If you would like to receive any of our materials, please Contact Us.

If you need assistance with filing a Fair Housing complaint, please click on Request Services.

A fair housing violation may have occurred if:

  • A housing provider tells you he doesn’t rent to families with children.
  • A housing provider refuses to rent to you or attempts to evict you because you are pregnant.
  • A housing provider refuses to rent to you or attempts to evict you because you are a victim of domestic violence.
  • A housing provider sexually harasses you.