Administrative Actions

The Fair Housing Law Center assists protected class members in preparing and filing housing discrimination complaints with HUD and the PHRC based on violations of the the Fair Housing Act.

Examples of resolved complaints include:
PHRC Conciliation
  • Obtained a condominium association’s permission to allow a client to keep their emotional support animal.
  • Granted a client’s request to be relocated to another housing complex that was accessible.
  • Obtained the refund of a deposit paid by a client for an emotional support animal and the installation of a deadbolt lock on their interior door.
  • Client who alleged a denial of a reasonable accommodation for a support animal; received a housing choice voucher and when she could not find a rental, was allowed to move into public housing.
  • Installation of new carpet in an apartment unit and the renewal of their lease.
  • Vacated an eviction against a client which permitted them to maintain their residence with their emotional support animals.
  • Obtained permission from a housing provider for a client’s attendants be to allowed to park in the property’s designated parking lot.
  • Client who was denied housing by landlord because of their emotional support animals received $6,000 in damages as part of a negotiated settlement.
HUD Conciliation
  • Obtained an accessible unit and a reserved accessible parking space.
  • Client who alleged harassment based on race; received a housing choice voucher and moving costs.
  • Client who had requested that they be able to submit documents untimely as a result of hospitalization; received monies lost due to the delay in granting their voucher.
  • Filed and settled a tester based complaint, whereby the program was reimbursed $2,000 and the property management company received Fair Housing training provided by the Fair Housing Law Center.
  • Filed and settled a tester based complaint, whereby the program was reimbursed $750 and the property owners received Fair Housing training provided by the Fair Housing Law Center.

If you believe that you may have been discriminated against, please click here to Report Housing Discrimination.