Accommodations & Modifications

The Fair Housing Law Center assists persons with disabilities in securing reasonable accommodations and/or modifications under the Fair Housing Act.

Examples of accommodations and modifications obtained include:
  • Obtaining an emotional support animal.
  • The waiver of a pet fee for a client’s emotional support animal.
  • Being released from lease to enable the client to move to a more accessible building.
  • Obtaining a reserved, accessible parking space close to the client’s housing unit.
  • Allowing a client to move into a two bedroom apartment because of their medical equipment.
  • Granting additional time for a client, who was moving to a new apartment, to secure in-home care and transportation and ensuring that the apartment would not be offered to the next person on the waiting list when client wasn’t available to immediately move.
  • Permitting a client to move into a 3-bedroom unit so that a child with a disability could have their own room.
  • Establishing that a client’s live-in attendant would not be considered an unauthorized guest.
  • Permitting a client to complete their housing application by mail when they were unable to get to the housing provider’s office.
  • Having the housing provider put measures in place to prevent accidents by a client’s service animal, thus avoiding the client’s eviction.
  • Installation of grab bars, lowered cabinets, roll in shower, accessible sinks, an accessible door, and moving the A/C unit to an accessible location.
  • Installation of an alarm and gates for child who is on the Autism spectrum.
  • Installation of an automatic entry door for the building; and the replacement of an intercom system.
  • Installation of an in-unit washing machine and clothes dryer.


If you need assistance requesting a Reasonable Accommodation and/or Modification, please Contact Us.